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June 2013

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Musings for the new year

Everytime I stop and think about my depression, it is like I am trying to give myself a pep talk. I'm tired of it, but I don't want to be sad either. The St. John's wort I'm taking IS HELPING, but I still have to do my part and not rely on homeopathic medications to solve all of my problems. SO Here's to be pretending it is FESTIVUS, and I will air all of my grievences - although they will all be about me.

  • 1. I obsess over a couple extra pounds I am carrying. I'm still skinny, yet I dress like I am in mourning of my old figure. Progress is being made. I need to accept I cannot change this no matter how many sit ups I am doing.

  • 2. I'm a girl. I have the right to wear dresses, wear makeup and love buying things. SPEND SOME MONEY ON YOURSELF! YOU HAVE VALUE! BUY NEW CLOTHES! You are still wearing things from your Rocky days. Get off your ass and get a new wardrobe. GET A HAIRCUT and TRY A NEW STYLE!

  • 3. BE SOCIAL. You have changed a lot, now that you are not needy for love and desperate to find someone to love you. YOU HAVE IT - get to know the new you through other people. You have a few friends you can be more social with. Yes, it is the pagan group - but meet outside of pagan group activities. Didn't you go to the Church( Goth club) every Thursday night before you got married??????

  • 4. You are a good person. Why are you afraid to have nice things? Do you think you don't deserve them? GET OVER YOURSELF and enjoy having nice things around you.

  • 5. Some other thing. ( forgot what it was when I started this number...)

  • </li>

A good way of going about this is to make a self plan - like a buisness plan, except I wont be trying to change myself - just accept myself for what I have become.


I hate spammers.

Just stop spaming. No one like it, and you make no money off of it. You just annoy people.