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June 2013

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Obligatory end of the year post

Okay so 2011 is winding down, and there is nothing original left to say.

I wanted to end the year on a high note, so I had my creative time. I wrote a short artistic/experimental film based on my impressions on moving to a new country as a young child. Pretty deep stuff actually. I threw out my usual conventions of shying away from what is painful or considered controversial. It will be easy enough to make the film. It should be no longer than five or ten minutes. A four hour film schedule should be sufficient.

Then for a little while I went to the local flea market by my house ( Trader's Village), with my friend Bri and Rob, and their two kids. This was actually really nice. I got some fresh air, and I got to spend time with my friemds outside.

It was a short excursion, but is was a llot of fun!

Now I'm typing this in bed, waiting for Dustin to get home from the Liquor store- while watching the Big Bang Theory Marathon on TBS, all the while nursing a cough. A cough that came out of nowhere yesterday... but still annoying.

I part with 2011, in the hopes for improvement in my life and those close to me in the coming year, like most people. Enjoy your new year responsibly, and avoid getting hurt out there.

Signing off.


You are a wonderful person full of creativity and ideas. I really look forward to any of your projects this year and really wish I could be a part of them.


People like you make life worth living.

Re: :)

awwww thank you! :D that means a lot to hear that from you.